Hi. I’m Peter.

I will help you grow your online business.


Here’s what I can do for you

Check your data and find growth opportunities

  • I’ll go through your online store or sales page, Facebook ads, email, Instagram content and other areas to see what’s missing or what can we improve
  • I’ll check if you are spending too much money or time on certain marketing activities that bring little or no results
  • If you work with a marketing agency or a freelancer, I’ll tell you if they are doing a good job
  • advise the best channels for you
  • where to invest your money and time to get the biggest return

Create a marketing strategy

Firstly we’ll define short, mid, and long-term goals and prioritise tasks then I’ll do the necessary research, how to set up, including best case practices and creative concepts

Manage marketing activities for you

  • Identify your ideal customer with surveys and interviews
  • Setup Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads to turn visitors into buyers
  • Setup email automations to recover abandoned checkouts or signups
  • Run a special offer campaign to boost your sales

Teach you and write step-by-step instructions


Holistic approach, based on

what your business needs the most

Improving your online store
or sales page
Understanding your visitors and optimising your sales funnel (copy & UX design).
Facebook, Instagram and
Google Ads management
Understanding your visitors and optimising your sales funnel (copy & UX design)
Email automation and
sending regular campaigns
Understanding your visitors and optimising your sales funnel (copy & UX design)
Social media content & blog
Understanding your visitors and optimising your sales funnel (copy & UX design)
Google Analytics tracking
Understanding your visitors and optimising your sales funnel (copy & UX design)
Business structure & organisation
Understanding your visitors and optimising your sales funnel (copy & UX design)

Ideal for you, if you are…

You are proud to sell something that helps truly people. Whether it’s a physical product (organic food, ethically made clothing, etc.), a digital product (like a course that empowers women), or services (coaching, workshops, retreats). However, you have a limited knowledge of digital marketing you want to focus on what you love doing and that what you really good at instead of learning and spending time on marketing activities.


“Peter helped us…”

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Jaka Šmid


Clients I’ve worked with

ProteusThemes, Vanya Silverten, Leonie Gabriella, Truvani, WholeDesignStudios


How it works

01 Call & audit

You will answer a couple of questions and share access to your data. I’ll review the information, and identify what can be upgraded or changed.

You will receive:

  • a .pdf report with personalised advice to improve your marketing

02 Research & strategy

Afterwards I’ll do the required research, draft creative concepts, formulate templates, and write how and when to do specific marketing activities.

You will receive:

  • a strategy document with the exact steps and timeline
  • presentation on a Skype call

03 Implementation

Whether it’s setting up Facebook ads, creating Instagram content or promote a special offer campaign – I’ll do the work or coach you to do it yourself.

You will receive:

  • one-time execution for a specific project
  • or monthly management for specific marketing activities
  • or coaching / step-by-step instructions for any area


What it will do for you

Get more visitors on your website and increase conversions

Reduce work-related stress, and make your work easier

Get more control and grow your business

Run a special offer campaign to increase your revenue

What’s the price?

Prices range from 200€ to 5000€ based on the scope of our project.

Schedule a free discovery call.