My name is Peter.
And that's me 477 meters above the ground. Nice to meet you.

"What is Upgrade Your System?"

One calm and focused man helping you be more effective at business.

What is a System?

It’s easier to focus on tactics like “You must get on Twitter!” and “Use this trick to grow your social media”.

But systems are what allow you go from an idea to a scalable, repeatable business that lets you help others — automatically — while living the life you want.

You aren’t supposed to be doing everything. You are not a machine. You are here to make a difference. You know what you do and you’re ready to get things under control.

But there’s just so much to do. And it just never stops...

You want your Social Media running smoothly, so you can do other things.

You want to:

  • Get organized and stay in control: clean up your folders and know where pictures, texts, ideas and all the other important elements are.
  • Improve clarity: a birds-eye view to see all of your business operations? Yes, please.
  • Manage and delegate better: give detailed tasks to your employees and outsource with step-by-step instructions to get the best results.
  • Build a strong brand: stand out from the crowd like a levitating magician and start forming long lasting relationships with your followers.
  • Get more followers: keep steady growth until your page is bigger than the amount of people living in your city.
  • Attract the right followers: those who can’t wait to hear to what you have to say and offer.
  • Post regularly and stay consistent: don’t let them down - have a constant flow of content, posting something almost every day.
  • Get bigger engagement: make people happy when they see your posts by creating content that will actually get liked, shared and commented.
  • Create posts easier: never again sit in front of your laptop at 2:37am, desperately trying to get an idea, pick the right picture, design and write copy for your a new post.
  • Stop doing everything the last minute: prepare content in advance and know what you will post months ahead
  • Know what your competiton is doing: understand their strategy, learn from them and take advantage on the market
  • Never run out of great content: with a researched collection of the best examples you will be able to see new connections and always be ready with great ideas.


That’s exactly what I’ll help you achieve.

I am here to help you grow your business by building and upgrading your marketing system, specializing in Social Media.

Using a systematic approach I analyze your current state by looking at your strategy, copy, and design. Once I discover what’s missing and what can be upgraded, I do in-depth market research, collect and organize valuable information.

After all of that, I go on the Slackline and meditate. That’s when the best ideas come. In a balanced state. In complete stillness. With a laser focus on your business.

Once I have the analysis of your business, research collection of your niche market, and my ideas I begin the Systemization process.

Connecting all the parts to create and perfect your personal marketing System.

My areas of expertise:

  • marketing strategy
  • social media and content strategy
  • content conceptualisation
  • organization
  • research

My speciality? Systemizing.

Turning chaos into something simple.

I possess a drive to analyse and explore underlying rules of systems - such as social media, e-commerce, copywriting, or even health to extract and intuitively figure out how things work.

By knowing all the parts and compulsively arranging them, I see new connections that allow me to construct a very simple, yet powerful system.

So that you and your employees have a clear picture of your business.

So that you can easily manage everything.

So that your business grows.

And discovering great ideas that will take your business to the next level?

It’s my greatest passion and strongest talent. It fills my heart with joy.

I believe in finding the perfect balance between the rational and intuitive.

The system is a great platform to execute ideas and ensure they reach its full potential.

While our minds will provide great ideas by living interesting lives and having a wild imagination.

Why am I doing this?

Because I believe that the way you organize and systemize your business is the make-or-break-factor for your long-term success and happiness!

Your business is amazing and you have many other great ideas, but if you are under stress and people are missing out on your mastery, we all lose.

Are you achieving your full potential?

The truth is that you will have many unnecessary trouble down the road if you don’t have a reliable system to support you and your business.

I know that you deserve to earn big while living the life you want.

I know that humanity will benefit from your talents.

Want to know more about me?

  • read almost only non-fiction books, but my favorite is a fiction book.
  • find high-quality food, exercise and enough sleep very important.
  • practice the Wim Hof method of deep breathing exercises and cold showers.
  • into meditation, yoga, slackline, climbing
  • love nature
  • as an ex-professional gamer, I am fast while also having a keen attention to details
  • work well when there is a bigger purpose, clear vision, goals, and a strong leader I can report to
  • typing speed of 129 words-per-minute
  • hardcore Evernote user (1800+ notes)
  • value progress and learning over money
  • my life idols: Bruce Lee, Bachir Boumaaza, Terence McKenna, Joe Rogan, Wim Hof, Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey
  • my business and marketing idols: Peter Sage, Neville Medhora, Ryan Holiday, Joanna Wiebe
  • favorite author: Robert Greene
  • favorite director: Stanley Kubrick
  • how my mind works
  • INTP personality

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